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In this series we look to the story of Joseph, in Genesis, to see how we can deal with life's challenges by looking to God and never giving up on his plan for us.  


Episode 1:  Joseph is the 11th of 12 sons to Jacob.  When Joseph shares with his brothers and parents a dream he had, he finds himself rejected by those closest to him.


Episode 2: Sold into slavery by his own brothers, Joesph now finds himself in a foreign land the property of a wealth Egyptian.    


Episode 3: Joseph finds himself pursued by his owner’s wife.  Does he hold his ground or risk everything and give into the temptation?  


Episode 4: In prison with no hope of release Joseph see one last hope to get free only.  His life now lies in the hands of the Pharaoh's cupbearer.

Episode 5: It has been 22 years since Joesph first shared his dream with this family.  Now the Pharaoh's second-in-command, Joseph has a chance to seek revenge on hurt him or to show them grace.

How to Deal: Episode 1
How to Deal: Episode 2
How to Deal: Episode 3
How to Deal: Episode 4
How to Deal: Episode 5
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