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About Common Ground Online Church


Common Ground Online is a family of Christian Gatherings that exist to make their communities a better place to live and help each other become more like Jesus every day. We have Community Groups (also called House Churches) that meet either in person or online to do 3 things:

1. Engage their community, meeting physical needs and introducing people to Jesus.

2. Study the Bible and discuss how Biblical principles apply to their lives.

3. Care for one another as each person becomes more like Jesus.


To discuss with someone how you can get into a group either in person or online, please visit our GROUPS page.



Austin Ryan


Austin grew up in Texas. Since then, he has started churches in Arizona, Las Vegas, and Northeast Florida, where he currently lives. He and his wife Cami have a  daughter named Finley and they lead a national ministry called Worship Catalyst that helps ignite worship ministries in new churches. Austin loves smoked brisket and football and is  considering volunteering to be the first man to live on Mars. 

John Headshot_edited.jpg

John Reinagel


Originally from Memphis, TN, John lives outside New Orleans with his wife, Laurie, and two children, Mary and Will.  John and Laurie own a successful business in the New Orleans area but John now spends most of his time in ministry.  He is an avid football fan and will never turns an invite a crawfish boil.  

Our Beliefs

Common Ground Online Church is a Christian congregation who follows the Bible as its only text. For a more comprehensive list of beliefs, please click below. 


History & Who We ARE

Common Ground Online Church began in September 2020 as a collection of people and Community Groups living their lives on Christ's mission and connecting together for a weekly faith experience online. Its co-founders, Austin Ryan and Ben Barfield, also started Common Ground Arizona in 2007 and Common Ground Las Vegas 2014. CG Online Church was founded through Common Ground Las Vegas during the COVID-19 pandemic. At first, the Online  experiences were  out of necessity, but over time as more and more people were gathering from other cities, Common Ground LV made the decision to transition from a physical church to a digital one with an  emphasis on people living out their daily faith through community groups. 

The leaders of Common Ground Online are committed to fostering an environment where the story of Jesus is told in creative, authentic, accessible, and fun ways...while focusing on multiplying lives, groups, and churches.


In many ways, Common Ground Online functions independently. However, we join together with thousands of other churches through the North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board to start churches and send missionaries all around the world.

Serving Rice
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