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Around 37 AD, the people in the early church were doing some good things, but they were not becoming mature in their faith.  James, Jesus brother, knew the roadmap to maturity. He understood what it would take to go from being new believers in Jesus to ones who were living mature, complete lives.  So wrote a letter providing the roadmap to all who read it.


The amazing thing is that this exact same map to maturity that James gave the church almost 2,000 years ago is precisely the map we need today. James chapter 1 is kind of like a treasure map. There are clues running all through it…hidden roads and warnings to keep us away from danger.  In this series we will explore this map to see where it leads us on our own journey to become mature followers of Christ.


Episode 1: The the first episode we see how the mature Christian finds joy in trials and temptations.  We learn that trials aren’t just a nuisance. They are a necessity in our spiritual growth.


Episode 2: In the second episode of our series in James we look at the difference between earthly and Godly wisdom and how the mature Christian seeks out and applies wisdom from God.

Episode 3: On our next stop in our roadmap to Christian maturity, James tells us the difference between having earthly riches and BEING rich.


Episode 4: Sin can was only defeated through Jesus death and resurrection, but the mature Christian can have power over their sinful nature. In this episode, James tells us how to do just that.

Episode 5: A mature Christian has peace.  But where can we find it in this crazy world of ours.  James tells us in this episode and it might not be where you think.

Episode 6:In the sixth and final episode in James and the roadmap to Christian maturity we explore how the mature Christian is able to keep at bay the trappings of earthly religion and is able to find purity in a direct relationship with God. 

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You Are Here: Episode 4
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